There’s a body in there: Abandoned mine provides setting for spookiest campfire stories

31 Oct

“Clint — run! Don’t stop!” I had Tyler by half a football field but he easily closed the gap by the time I reached the mine’s entrance. What had he seen back there? What motivated him to sprint over rock-laden rail tracks in total darkness?

“What did you see?” I huffed once outside.

“This is horrible, Clint.”

He was white with terror.

“There’s a body in there”

I might not have believed him had he not filmed the whole thing. After all, this was the guy who once bit a rattlesnake in half for the pure fun of scaring a couple young guys at camp. Tyler took acting and practical jokes to near obsessive levels. But this time his expression was horrifically genuine. There was a body in that tunnel, and now we had to figure out what to do.

Click here to read the full story.


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