Essential Articles

This is a list of  “Essential Articles”- a combination of the most visited posts and stories that got this website off the ground and keep it going.

Most Viewed Pieces
Outdoorsman gets stuck at a bar in Stockton with two kids
Search for Hawaiian petroglyphs in Skull Valley ends in discovery
Remote geode beds allow rockhounds to search for buried treasure
Spring Canyon Spooks: In search of the White Lady

Go West, Young Man:  My First Ghost Town Trip
Part 1- The Search For Gold Acres
Part 2- Cortez, Nevada
Part 3- Holy Grail, Eureka, and Hamilton
Part 4- The Lonliest Road and Wendover
Part 5- Conclusion

Dispatches From the Gulf Coast
Part 1- Post-Katrina New Orleans
Part 2- Palm Trees and the South
Part 3- First Night In NOLA and Slidell Cemeteries
Part 4- The Honey Island Swamp (featured on and
Part 5- Waveland to Pensacola

Tooele Transcript Bulletin Articles
Campfire stories: An art that survives in the TV age of SpongeBob

First date gone wrong leads to shared love of outdoors
Floating Island: Chasing the mirage
Winter camping can quickly become an exercise in survival

Sometimes worst-laid plans make for the best adventures
Winter camping can quickly become an exercise in survival
My best night’s sleep: Ghost Falls


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