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Must read for March: How A Utah Winter Is Like A Crazy-Stalker-Ex-Girlfriend

This morning as I scraped the inch-thick frost off my windshield and weaved through wreck after ice-caused wreck on the freeway, I thought of an analogy my cyber friend and good humored naturalist, Watcher, made a couple years ago– that a Utah winter is like a Crazy-Stalker-Ex-Girlfriend.  A couple excerpts:

It’s so wonderfully charming when it first shows up and it turns the whole world into a magical wonderland. But by the end of March/early April it simply will not go away. It won’t listen to reason or acknowledge the obvious- that the Equinox is past, Spring has begun, and your relationship is over.

Winter, we are done. What we had was truly wonderful. But it’s over; we’ve grown apart, and it’s time for both of us to move on. I need to bike and camp and sit out on the deck, and you need to go see the penguins down in Antarctica or do whatever the hell it is you do the rest of the year.

Watcher’s analogies are unmatched. You really must click over and read the whole post in all of it’s fed up glory:

How A Utah Winter Is Like A Crazy-Stalker-Ex-Girlfriend

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