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I’ve been blogged

BonnevilleMariner at Blogged

I received an email yesterday from a marketing rep at informing me that their editors had reviewed my website and given it a 7.5 score out of 10.  The rating is based on frequency of updates, relevance of content, site design, and writing style.

I don’t really remember submitting this website for their review, but I appreciate them doing it anyway.  Frankly I’m flattered that anybody would consider my website relevant at all- let alone well-designed or well-written!

They didn’t post a written review, but they did send me the handsome badge above for me to add to my sidebar.  In case anybody’s interested, readers can post reviews and ratings of this website on their review page for me here (you do have to register- something I tend to balk at- but it’s fairly painless and it allows you to review other blogs and submit your own for review).

Thanks again to the good editors at

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Halloween, Halloween
Lots of fun on Halloween.
Black cats and ghosts-
Skeletons too
Clowns and witches all say “Boo!”

Pumpkins with eyes
Shiny and bright
Make us shiver with fright.

Halloween, Halloween-
We love Halloween.

Those are the words of the song my mother used to sing to me to as a baby.  And I guess it was a year-round deal.  She says it was my favorite song, regardless of season.  Apparently, nothing would calm my soul or or put a smile on my face quite like this little song. To heck with cradles and treetops and twinkling little stars- give me ghosts and skeletons!

Halloween is once again upon us.  So from now until Friday, all posts will be spooky, mysterious, and in the spirit of this beautiful, warped holiday.

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Back on the grid!

Just a quick note to let anybody know who still might be reading me that I am back after a long break.  I wasn’t exactly off the grid, but I wasn’t exactly in much of a position to keep up my regular posts (anybody who’s ever taken their young family to Disneyland will understand).  I’m back though, and I’ll post teasers for my last two articles sometime tomorrow.

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Heads up: Updating old posts

Just a heads-up for rss subscribers- you may see some older posts in your reader soon.  

Here’s the deal: I write a weekly column for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin.  While I own the content of these articles, and therefore retain the right to reprint them as I see fit, I usually only post a teaser on this website and link to the full articles on theirs as a courtesy for publishing them and paying me to write them.

In June, the TTB revamped their website, rendering most of my links to them invalid.  Articles published from last spring on are now at different web addresses.  Articles written before spring are no longer available there at all.  

So in order to avoid sending people to into black holes, I’ll be spending the next few days republishing the affected posts, linking to the new locations where possible and reprinting entire articles that are now unavailable.  So if you see some familiar posts in your reader, I apologize.  it’s just me doing some housekeeping.


Weekly Run-Down: Site Updates and Cruel April Fools Jokes

Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress!

It was a really tough decision—ok, no, it wasn’t—but I’m officially abandoning Blogger and hopping over to WordPress. Blogger is the only Google product that disappoints me. It works ok for regular blogs, but FTP blogs- not so much. It’s clunky, temperamental, and rigid. WordPress isn’t perfect, but it’s stable and versatile. Plus it’s got better widgets, the ability to create multiple pages, and a wider variety of templates. Since mine is an FTP blog (it resides on my own domain rather than a blogspot subdomain), publishing with Blogger is delay-prone, error-ridden pain in the butt. WordPress will allow me to post, edit, and customize things much easier.

I’ll be migrating the site over for the next day or so, and everything should be working properly by the end of the week. The URL will remain the same (, but the format will be different. For those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed, the feed URL will obviously change. Check back by Friday and you can re-subscribe to the new feed. You may see a handful of older posts come through on the feed, but that’s just me doing some housekeeping.

UPDATE: I have migrated the website to WordPress and imported all of the posts. I’ll have to go back through some of them to correct some minor formatting issues. Right now I have my domain forwarding to the subdomain, in case you’re wondering why the Web address redirects when you visit.

Vending Machine Freakiness

Could this be some weird what-comes-around-goes-around lesson, or are the vending machines at work just having some April Fools Day fun at my expense?

So yesterday I go into the break room to get a granola bar from the vending machine. I drop in 75 cents (an absolute rip-off, I know. But what I am I going to do when I don’t have time to grab breakfast before I leave?). The machine steals my money and I walk away hungry and mad. I walk in later that afternoon to buy a Diet Pepsi, which, at $1.25 is even more of a rip-off. I insert 4 quarters and realize I don’t have the 5th. So I hit the coin return button. Nothing.

All I’ve got is a $5 bill, so I walk over to the food machine that robbed me earlier because it accepts $5 bills. If I buy something there, I’ll get $4.25 back in quarters. Then I can add my final quarter to the Pepsi machine and get my Diet Pepsi. I insert my $5 and buy the only thing in there that’s somewhat healthy- the granola bar I was robbed of earlier and that I’ve been craving all day. Not only do I get my granola bar, but the machine graciously drops an extra one, then returns my $4.25.

I drop the final quarter in the Pepsi machine and press the Diet Pepsi button. It drops not one, but two regular Pepsi’s, which took me about 10 minutes to wiggle from the slot. At this point I figure that even though it gave me the wrong bottles, I didn’t see any “Buy One, Get One Free” signs anywhere, so I owe the Pepsi machine $1.25. I figured I’d call the 800 number the next day and inform them that their Pepsi machine was giving away free pop.

That was yesterday. I return today to buy an actual Diet Pepsi (expecting perhaps a Dr. Pepper) and this time, no Pepsi of any variety. I push the coin return. Nothing. Looks like we’re even.


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