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Rattlesnakes, gators and turtles – oh my!

Jim Dix's bucket o fun

Recent news reports out of northern Utah have warned that this year’s belated spring may have delayed the rattlesnake’s annual mating and migration rituals, essentially setting them to coincide directly with summer human outdoor rituals.  This period has mostly passed, but I thought it might be a good idea to school myself on rattlesnake behavior.

Reptile Rescue Service’s Jim Dix invited me and the boys to his house in Salt Lake, which he shares with over 300 (yes, 300) snakes and dozens of other exotic and dangerous critters.  The story will appear in tonight’s Transcript Bulletin, but here are a few pictures of our visit:

Rattlesnake, meet ophidiophobe. Ophidiophobe, meet rattlesnake

Notice the wedge-shaped head

The infamous rattle

A collage of scales

Can you spot the venom gland?

Dix rescued this baby alligator from the Del Taco dumpster in Lake Point

One of 8 giant tortoises that roam Dix's backyard


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