Boats on parade: It’s sailing time on the Great Salt Lake!

11 May

Sailboats on the horizon during the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club's 2010 season opener (photo by Sue Butterfield, Tooele Transcript Bulletin)

The Great Salt Lake’s milky green surface was nearly flat last Saturday morning, and though the air was still chilly, sunny skies defied ominous weather forecasts from the day before. Several onlookers shot photos from the Great Salt Lake Marina’s observation deck. Utah State Parks Ranger aide Eric Johnson monitored his VHF radio as he stood quietly nearby, his gaze fixed on the cluster of 10 sailboats a half mile offshore.

“We thank you, Almighty God, for the gift of water,” the voice of Father LeRoy Carter flowed over marine band 16 from the deck of the lead boat.

Marine band 16 is usually reserved as a universal calling and distress channel, but for a few minutes it was dedicated to the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club and Father Carter’s annual blessing of the fleet.

“Bless us with favorable winds and following seas,” he petitioned before Rescue One led the procession of sailboats back to the marina.

Click over to the TTB to read the full article.


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