Idiots in the Outdoors: Ducks too fat to fly away for winter

22 Dec

Yes, it’s another installment of Idiots in the Outdoors.  Only this time I’m not sure exactly who the idiot is.  Maybe the whole thing is just idiotic.  Or just sad, if in a mildly amusing way.

KSL reports on a flock of ducks wintering in a dropping-strewn Ogden, Utah park because they’re too fat to fly away:

The ducks at Bicentennial Park…are too fat to fly away, according to City Manager Ed Dickie. The Standard-Examiner reports on any given day, 50 to 100 ducks crowd into the park.

Dickie says the birds are beginning to become a nuisance. “They’re getting fatter because of people feeding them,” he explains.

Dickie says a lot of the animals are domesticated — they’ve been dropped off at the park, and people bring bags of bread to feed them.

Raised and fattened on welfare’s teet. Could move the ducks away from the park where they might slim up and learn to fend for themselves?

Last month, Ogden City tried just that.  They moved some ducks to a nearby wetlands area, but the ducks returned.  Not by air, mind you, but the portly birds seemed to have hoofed it back just fine.  The city is now considering moving the ducks a bit further away this time, like Willard Bay.

All I can say is good luck, Ogden.  And let this be a lesson to you and your bread-throwing citizenry!

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