Planes, (metro) trains, and automobiles

18 Nov

I’ve been back East on business for the last few days and so far the week has been an adventure.  I spent almost the entire day Sunday stuck in terminals in Salt Lake and Atlanta.  The other night I was stuck in a D.C. metro station for almost an hour after a man jumped in front of a train and was killed.  Barring any of the same technical difficulties that canceled my original flight here, I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.  Until my next post, I’ll just say this:

  • Delta isn’t my favorite airline, but I’ll concede they did a pretty good job of re-routing an entire 737’s passengers through other flights in fairly short order.
  • To the restaurant billed as ‘Southern cooking’ in Atlanta International’s A Concourse: your meatloaf was decent but your cornbread was horrible.  But what do you care?  You’ve got a terminal full of captive customers whose only other choice is Domino’s.
  • Humidity in late autumn/early winter makes me very happy.
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