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27 Oct

I feel bad about breaking this semi-regular posting streak I’ve had going this month, but the last few days in the Mariner household have been nuts.  This is just a quick note to 1) keep regular here and 2) let you know what to expect the rest of the week.

Wednesday: After writing about Coulter’s Asperger’s syndrome recently, I decided to make it a subject for my column last week.  I’ll post that article here tomorrow.  If’s a more in-depth look at AS and Coulter’s need for mountains.

Thursday:  A Halloween round-up. There are a few stories I never got a chance to tell or link to.  Thursday’s post will gear you up for the weekend.

Friday: This year’s big Halloween story.  This one’s about a trip I took last weekend to the Pony Express Trail and a spooky little place called “Old River Bed.”  It should be a good one!

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