Why I’m thinking about space–reason #1: Star Trek

13 Oct

For this post I’m going to write in my friend, Watcher’s, tangent format, cause that’s just how I’m rolling today.

Ok, so my mind has been on space lately, and probably for a couple of reasons.  In order to avoid an overly long post, I’ll split these reasons up into separate posts over the next few days.

Reason number one: STAR TREK
I finally talked Meadow into seeing the new Star Trek movie.  Yes it came out back in May, but May was crazy.  The local IMAX theater brought it back a couple weeks ago and we finally went.  “If it wasn’t on IMAX,” she said, “I wouldn’t have caved.”

TANGENT: We saw this at Larry H. Miller’s Jordan Commons.  Let me just say that ol’ Larry was a genius when it came to theming (The Mayan restaurant, anybody?).  But he fell way short when it came to food (The Mayan restaurant, anybody?).  Go to any of Larry’s places—Miller Motorsports Park, a Jazz game, Jordan Commons, wherever—and just try to buy food that a) isn’t way overpriced and b) doesn’t taste like Alpo.  To be fair, the get-them-yourself free refills at the movies almost makes up for that.

DIVERSION FROM TANGENT: The fact that Meadow hates Star Trek makes me wonder if I should feel bad.  See, when we were dating we were both dirt poor.  Often all we could afford to do is sit on the floor of her one-room apartment (because there was no furniture), eat off-brand hamburger helper from the dollar store (she was the manager there), and watch her old-school TV.  She didn’t have cable (or an antenna, for that matter), and the only channel we could pick up was the local Fox affiliate, which aired reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation every night.  It was a modest existence, but that’s when I fell in love with her, and I always remember those nights fondly. She does too, but apparently Picard and Data never grew on her.

Now I may embarrass myself here, but I am a recovered Trekker.  No, I didn’t make myself a Starfleet uniform (though I did make myself a Battle of the Planets uniform when I was 8 or so—wings and all, baby).  No, I never learned to speak Klingon, and I never when to a convention.  I was more a casual Trekker.  I stuck with  replica communicator pins.

It started when I was quite young.  We were late to something and it was apparently Dad’s fault because he just couldn’t pull himself away from an episode of Star Trek.  Obviously there was something to this space show if Dad was willing to risk Mom’s wrath just to see what happened to the hippie aliens on the jungle planet.

I recovered from Trek addiction about a decade ago, much to Meadow’s gratitude.  But when the new movie came out, I had to see it.  For those of you who haven’t yet, it’s a good reboot.  Purists probably balked at a few things– strays from canon, continuity stuff, the refreshing fact that utopian politics took a distant back seat to phaser blasts and fist fights.

Frankly I loved it.  And Meadow won’t admit it, but she kinda did too.

TANGENT: Except for the soundtrack by Michael Giacchino. It’s repetitive, formulaic, boring, and sounds like a cut-rate TV movie soundtrack.  Look, I know my Star Trek soundtracks, and this one doesn’t pass muster.

No, I’m not about to revert back to Trekker status, and yes, I did resist the temptation to start collecting Cheeze-It proofs of purchase to send in for the free Star Trek t-shirt.

But I will be purchasing this movie when it comes out on DVD.  That’s for dang sure.

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One response to “Why I’m thinking about space–reason #1: Star Trek

  1. Alex/Watcher

    October 14, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Excellent post- especially the format! :&)

    Now I need to go see the movie- will probably recruit my son, as I’ll never get my wife to go…


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