Weekly Run-Down: Down time, travels, and the Mana Poly All-Stars

10 Sep

Down Time
Yeah, so it’s been quiet here at this week. Chalk it up mostly to a dead DSL modem at home. But we’ve also been busy sprucing up the house for showings this weekend and getting ready for a trip to California. Speaking of that…

The stars aligned and we were able to book a really cheap trip to SoCal.  We flew into San Diego this morning, grabbed a quick seafood lunch on the embarcadero, and headed for Coronado Beach. Coronado is a good family beach 1) because it’s clean and relatively freak-free, and 2) because it slopes very gradually, so it’s quite shallow for quite a distance.

Turns out Little D, who I should probably start referring to as Big D from now on (he’s a good-sized baby), really digs the ocean. He watched each set of waves roll in and just about go nuts with excitement. We dipped his feet in the little waves and let him feel the sand rush out as they receded and he couldn’t get enough.  Great.  I’ve created another landlocked beach bum.

I’ve got a working Internet connection now, but since I’m not here to hang out online, expect posting to be slow until next week.  I’ll probably be doing some twittering though.

Mana Poly All-Stars
In my recent piece on musician extraordinaire Nela Otuafi, I promised a second part this week (or last, I forget).  That will likely come next week.  I called Nela last week for a follow-up interview and he invited me to a gig at a downtown SLC club.  I had prior engagements, but the boys were kind enough to meet me there a few hours early for a group interview.  That will be part of next week’s post.  These guys are the real deal, and they’re good bunch of guys too.  Thanks Nela and crew for taking the time to talk to me.

Well, that about does it for now.  Catch y’all Friday for a special 9-11 post.


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