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25 Jun

I’ve long been aware that this blog lacks one of the proven foundations of successful blogs:  Focus.

Most topical blogs focus on one specific theme:  politics, photography, hunting, tech, etc.  Or they cover a variety of topics but are geared toward a single demographic.  Mine does neither.

This blog’s tagline is ‘Adventure, History, Americana.’  It might as well read “Random Stuff I’m Interested In.”

But that’s not completely true.  Everything I cover here really is interrelated in my own mind– different cuts of the same fabric, so to speak.  I have interests other than those I blog about here, but I tend to omit them because they’re not part of that contiguous stream of consciousness that I’m trying to tap.

If my goal was pure numbers, this modus operendi would be fine.  I get plenty of hits on certain posts here.  Stats-wise, I’m doing well.  The problem is that the majority of these hits are one-time visitors.  Somebody Googles a topic, finds a post here, uses it, and never comes back.

My goal isn’t to attract hits.  My goal is to attract regular readers who think my blog, for whatever reason, is worth spending a few minutes reading.  To that end, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a second and respond to the following poll:

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