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01 Apr

jerkycom-sasquatch-jerkyI don’t know if my review of’s pineapple jerky generated any business for them, but they must have been at least somewhat pleased, because I received another package from them the other day.

“I’m sending you some of the good stuff,” read an email from president Doug Iske a few days prior.  Excellent, I thought.  Some sweet and spicy kobe beef jerky, or maybe some of those gourmet elk strips.

Nope, the guys at surprised me again.  And this time, I gotta say I was a little overwhelmed by the contents of my sample bag.

I’ll admit I listen to a little Art Bell from time to time– when I’m driving at night and have decent AM reception.  But I’m a natural skeptic.  And the last time the word “Sasquatch” entered my mind was the day I saw “Harry and the Hendersons” at the theater.

Last time I checked, big foot was still a myth.  So how these guys 1) captured the animal, and 2) made it into such a delicious smelling snack, I’ll never know.

I didn’t ask questions. The pleasantly light, savory aroma brought the wheels in my head to a screeching stop.

For some reason I thought Sasquatch would be gamey, or at least have a heavy iron aftertaste, like duck.  I didn’t expect it to taste similar to venison.  The hint of liquid smoke– if that’s what it was– was unnecessary.  The meat’s natural flavor stands on its own.

Had I checked out the price on’s Sasquatch Jerky product page before I devoured most of my sample pack, I would have taken more time to savor it.  I’m not going to lie, an 8 oz. bag of this stuff will cost you a pretty penny.  But given the rarity of sasquatch and, as Doug explained, the cost and red tape involved with drawing a sasquatch tag in Oregon, the price isn’t half bad.

I’ll leave the hunting and politics to’s contractors.  I’m still enjoying the aftertaste of my last piece of sasquatch jerky.  Even if you don’t have $500 to drop on a bag of this exotic stuff, it’s worth checking out anyway.

Thanks again for the sample, jerky guys.  Another excellent product.

Sasquatch Jerky comes in 8 oz. bags containing a generous 8-10 slices ($499.99 with free shipping). The widest selection of U.S. made jerky products to fit every budget.

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One response to “Product Review: Sasquatch jerky from

  1. Casey Knopik

    April 1, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Check out the story that we worked with to write about how the sasquatch jerky came to be.

    An epic tale.

    Casey Knopik


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