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12 Mar

When the guys at said they’d like to send me some of their pineapple jerky for review, I naturally expected some kind of pineapple flavored beef jerky.  After all, the word “jerky” derives from the ancient Incan word “Ch’arki,” meaning “dried meat.”

So I was a bit surprised when I received a package of actual pineapple slices.  As jerky-savvy as I pride myself on being (it’s been a staple of my existence as far back as I can remember), I was unaware of the industry’s forays into the jerkification of actual fruit.

Not that the concept of dried fruit has eluded me.  I just never thought to call the mango chunks in my trail mix “jerky.”  Maybe that’s because dried fruit usually comes so infused with sugar that it looks and tastes more like a cheap candy than fruit.  The ingredients in’s pineapple jerky?  Pineapple, honey.  Period.

Good jerky is prepared with the intent of preserving and highlighting the natural flavors of the food.  I’m happy to report that’s pineapple jerky achieves that goal in delightful fashion.

Kudos to whomever came up with the idea of dehydrating slices of fresh Maui pineapple and glazing them with honey.  I ate one slice immediately after the package arrived and vowed to save the rest for later.  Another 10 minutes didn’t pass before two more were gone.

The slices in my sample were supple and much less sticky than I imagined when I read “honey” on the label.  Each slice was thick enough to be satisfying, but thin enough to bite right into with my front teeth (no folding or pre-tearing necessary– excellent).  The pineapple’s full taste was front and center, the honey a very subtle undertone.  It was obvious that the team put some serious thought into this snack.

I know what you’re wondering:  How’s the core?  Can I eat the core?  Indeed, dear reader, you can.  The cores in my sample varied slightly in texture from slice to slice, which I imagine is because not every slice in the bag comes from the same fruit.  Some cores had a near-perfect consistency while some were a little on the pulpy side.  I don’t eat the core parts of raw pineapples, but in their jerkified state, they’re a surprisingly edible bonus.

I felt like I needed to put on a little Jake Shimabukuro or Jack Johnson music to fully enjoy the rest of my sample, but the remaining slices didn’t last that long.  Bottom line:’s all natural pineapple jerky is just plain good–  made in the true spirit of jerky, and worthy enough to carry along on any adventure.

Pineapple Jerky comes in ¼ pound bags containing 5-8 slices ($9.99 with free shipping). The widest selection of U.S. made jerky products to fit every budget.


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3 responses to “Product Review: Pineapple Jerky from

  1. The Hunter's Wife

    March 12, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    They were good weren’t they. Great review.

  2. Tyler

    March 13, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    The real question is, was it good enough that you bought yourself another 5-8 slices for $10?

    Also, did they send you more than one package? Because that review was worth way more than $10, in which case they better send you at least another 10-50 packages. Get on it! Clint’s a dang good writer and deserves more than one bag of pineapple jerky for that kind of talent!

    • bonnevillemariner

      March 13, 2009 at 8:02 pm

      I probably would buy another package for $10 with the free shipping- even though that’s a little steep right now.

      You might be on to something, though. From now on maybe I should charge them 2 samples per review. You know, just so I can make sure the taste is consistent:)


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