Hunt for a wild Christmas tree makes hunter come unhinged

05 Dec


Lisa Littlefield steadies a pinyon pine while her husband, Chad, cuts it down in the Toano Mountains near Wendover. - photography / Clint Thomsen

That could have been much worse,” I told my friend Trevis as I picked my trailer hitch’s ball mount off the road. A passing West Wendover policeman saw us and pulled over to help. In spite of our predicament, I had to smile at the amusing combination of the desert night, the police cruiser’s blinding light bars, and the Christmasy scent of fresh-cut pine wafting from the bed of my utility trailer, which now clung to my receiver hitch only by the backup chains.

I was relieved — after feeling a sudden jerk and hearing the trailer’s tongue scrape along the asphalt behind me — to discover my rear bumper still intact. Looking back, had I not ever-so-slightly gunned it while pretending to race the Larsen van, I might have lost the trailer later on the highway at 75 mph. I made sure to mention that to Trevis and his wife, Grace, several times.

Seven-year old Bridger monitored the situation from the back seat of our mini-van, updating Trevis’ 9-year old daughter, Kara, via walkie-talkie: Pshh — “They’re taking my dad to jail” — pshh — “Or maybe they’re just helping him” — pshh.

“The day was going way too smooth,” Trevis joked. “I should have known something was bound to happen to you guys.”

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One response to “Hunt for a wild Christmas tree makes hunter come unhinged

  1. Kristine Shreve

    December 5, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Sounds like you had an adventure. I’m glad it ended without incident.


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