Gear Review: Tarpeez soft cover tarps

17 Sep

[UPDATE 12/07/2009 My site stats show this post gets a lot of hits, so I would do potential Tarpeez buyers a disservice if I didn’t post an update on my Tarpeez tarp.  I stand by my review below, but I should let you know that mine broke just over two months after I wrote it.

I had covered my utility trailer with it after taking my family to cut a Christmas tree.  On the drive back home (straight highway, flat road, doing about 75 mph) the tarp ripped away from its fastening cord, leaving me 75 miles from home with no way to secure my load.  I still like the product, but keeping a backup on hand might be a good idea.]

Can’t speak for the truck, but Tarpeez has my trailer covered!

Two things you can never accuse me of are being normal or fitting in. So it should come as no surprise that my very first gear review centers on the “unorthodox” use of the product in question. Now before the people at Tarpeez start sweating bullets, let me just state up front that while I have no idea how well their truck tarp works on a truck, it definitely earns an ‘A’ for its performance on my trailer.

Long story short- I received a standard-size tarp. My dad’s truck has a full-size bed.

Not a problem, because the tarp was a near-perfect fit for my 4 ½’ x 8’ SnowBear utility trailer.

Between landscaping, camping, and trips to the landfill, I do a lot of hauling with my trusty SnowBear. Up until I received my Tarpeez review unit, my search for a functional, non headache-inducing canopy for the trailer. Run-of-the-mill tarps are always either too big or too small, which meant weaving two smaller tarps together or rolling with an oversized parachute. Other more creative options were always sub-par, and I haven’t the patience to deal the tangled nightmares of a net.

So when “dumps day” rolled around this month, I decided to visit the Tarpeez website and put its claims to the test.

My load included boxes, tree branches, and a toilet. Since the tarp was specifically designed for use on a truck bed, I expected to take extra time figuring out how to secure it to my trailer. To my surprise, the single, continuous bungee and strategically placed hooks adapted well to the bars and walls on the trailer. In fact, it took only a minute to throw it on and secure the load.

Broken ceramic and sharp jutting branches strategically placed so as to thoroughly test the company’s claims of durability didn’t so much as scratch the tarp’s smooth, hearty material– even after a faster-than-normal detour down a barely passable dirt road. And though the canopy didn’t completely cover the load, none of the smaller items escaped along the way. On the way back home, I picked up a load of loose compost. Again, the tarp was easy to install and kept the load secure for the duration of the trip.

But my Tarpeez cover had one more test to pass when I got home– the test failed almost by tents, sleeping bags, and other tarps– the “will it fit back in it’s stuff sack” test. I’m happy to report that my Tarpeez easily stuffed back into it’s bag in about 20 seconds.

The verdict: Tarpeez soft cover tarps are simple, tough, functional, and adaptable. Now that I’ve got the trailer covered, I can’t wait to get one for the truck.

Check them out at


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2 responses to “Gear Review: Tarpeez soft cover tarps

  1. Kristine Shreve

    September 18, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    I would bet you aren’t the only person who uses their Tarpeez to cover a trailer. Sounds like it worked really well.

  2. BedlinerBob

    August 14, 2010 at 7:33 am

    Hey, hows everyone at this amazing first-rate website doing today? Grateful I can be a component of the discussion board and I look ahead to lots of impressive encounters here!


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