Heads up: Updating old posts

03 Sep

Just a heads-up for rss subscribers- you may see some older posts in your reader soon.  

Here’s the deal: I write a weekly column for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin.  While I own the content of these articles, and therefore retain the right to reprint them as I see fit, I usually only post a teaser on this website and link to the full articles on theirs as a courtesy for publishing them and paying me to write them.

In June, the TTB revamped their website, rendering most of my links to them invalid.  Articles published from last spring on are now at different web addresses.  Articles written before spring are no longer available there at all.  

So in order to avoid sending people to into black holes, I’ll be spending the next few days republishing the affected posts, linking to the new locations where possible and reprinting entire articles that are now unavailable.  So if you see some familiar posts in your reader, I apologize.  it’s just me doing some housekeeping.


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