Deseret Peak climb appeals to peak-baggers, amateur alpinists

18 Jul

Video taken from atop Deseret Peak. The little things flying by periodically
are butterflies- there were a ton of them up there.

This segment of the trail was well-shaded and picturesque, traversing several green meadows before climbing 2,200 feet via switchbacks to a saddle. The abrupt saddle approach is my least favorite part of any ascent. I’m usually grateful to switchbacks for sparing me a class-5 climb up a sheer slope. But on saddle approaches, they become maddening lanes of an endless alpine rat maze that only seem to widen the gap between me and the pass.

My psychological aversion to saddle approaches has the physical effects of Tylenol PM. As my energy levels plummeted, I began to wonder whether the aerial photos that Meadow suggested might have been a better idea. Periodically glancing up at groups far above us didn’t help. Neither did the thinning air.

The above is an excerpt of my article in this week’s Tooele Transcript Bulletin. Click over to the TTB to read the full story.

Check back Monday or so for a comprehensive guide to hiking Deseret Peak.

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One response to “Deseret Peak climb appeals to peak-baggers, amateur alpinists

  1. Kristine Shreve

    July 18, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    I’m not sure I’d be up for that hike. The view looks like it might be worth the climb though.


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