WEEKLY RUN-DOWN: Good radio and Brad Pitt mania

04 Jun


Add ‘radio host’ to the list hats worn by my friend, author/historian/blogress extraordinaire Deb Goodrich. A couple weeks ago she took the 8:00 – 11:00 AM (CST) slot on KMAJ AM 1440 in Topeka, KS (for my Salt Lake area readers, KMAJ is basically KSL meets KNRS).

‘Topeka Talks’ is the name of the show, but Deb’s program appeals to a wider audience because she explores broad topics like history, military, and law enforcement with Southern charm and a large cast of interesting experts. One of this morning’s guests was Old West historian and History Channel talking head Drew Gomber.

Listen to Deb Monday-Friday, 8-11 CST via KMAJ’s live stream here. It’s a satisfying taste of Americana and it puts a smile on my face every morning.


A lot of talk locally about the latest movie being filmed on our salt flats. From yesterday’s TTB:

Approximately 1,500 people lined up Saturday at the Deseret Peak Firefighter’s Museum and the West Wendover library for an open casting call for extras for the new film “Tree of Life,” which will be partially filmed in Tooele County. The film, which is being directed by Academy Award-nominee Terrence Malick, stars Pitt and Sean Penn.

Last week KSL ran a story about the casting call. Here’s the line that got my goat:

There sure is a lot of emptiness in rural Tooele County. As head of Tooele’s Chamber of Commerce, it’s Debbie Winn’s job to get people excited about the place. Brad Pitt could help.

First, setting aside the reporter’s subtle scorn for Tooele County, are there not more substantial reasons to “get excited about the place” than Brad Pitt?

Second, shhh! Yes, there is a lot of emptiness in rural Tooele County. And most of us would like to keep it that way. The Wasatch Front has already started sprawling our way, and It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the state discovers the county’s existence. Please, come and visit. Hike our trails, drive our dusty roads, and take in our museums.

But in the words of Walt Shubert, mayor of Ophir- “We welcome people up here but tell them not to think of staying.”


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