Parachute flight gives bird’s-eye view

19 May

“My passion for flight is equaled by an extreme fear of heights. This unfortunate irony has seriously stifled my airborne activities. So when the people at Bonneville Seabase recommended I try flying on a powered parachute, l shrugged it off as an exciting yet out-of-the-question idea. After all, just looking at pictures of them sent chills up my spine. No fuselage, no windows, no flight attendant bearing goldfish packets and half cans of Coke.

“When I rolled up to the Skybase hangar, Hook was preparing their two-seat Six Chuter Spirit XL, a small, three-wheeled rig that looks like the spawn of a go-cart and an airboat. “Clear prop!” He yelled as the aircraft bellowed to life. Dennis handed me a several-page waiver, which I nervously skimmed over and signed. I casually mentioned that I was deathly afraid of heights — just in case acrophobia was a disqualifier. It apparently is not.”

Big thanks to pilots Dennis Stanley and Hook Ershler of Bonneville Skybase for introducing me to powered parachute flight. More pics and video to come.

Click here to read the rest of the article over at the Transcript Bulletin.


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