WEEKLY RUN-DOWN: Radio and Print

06 May


A couple weeks ago I wrote about a radio interview I recorded for Backcountry Utah Radio.  The full interview aired the Saturday before last.  I found out that the interview would run a day in advance and I didn’t have time to announce it here.  I was pretty impressed.  Brian Brinkerhoff runs an informative, entertaining outdoors show, and he was able to edit out my “uh’s” and “um’s.”  I noticed that I was talking much faster than normal, which could have been because I was nervous.  My first thought was, “Am I running an auction or talking about ghost towns?”

Anyway, truncated portions of the interview are running today during drive times in Price, Heber, and Moab (click here for listings).  The segments are available for download here (scroll down to May 6, 2008.  Both segments are my interview- the first about travel in Tooele County and the second about ghost towns).  Check them out and download a few of the other segments while you’re there.


I will not have an article in this Thursday’s paper.  I was asked to write a feature for this year’s Tooele Summer Guide, so I took a week off to focus on that.  I’ll be back in the paper next Thursday to recount an awesome flight with Bonneville Skybase on one of their powered parachutes.

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