WEEKLY RUN-DOWN: Backcountry Radio Interview

22 Apr

Brian Brinkerhoff, host of Backcountry Utah Radio contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to do a short interview. I think the interview went well, though I thought of a million things afterward that I wish I would have touched on. Thankfully, it was a pre-recorded deal, which is naturally a little less stressful than live radio, and Brian can edit out all my “um’s” and “uh’s”. I don’t know yet when the interview will air, but I’ll post an update as soon as I do.

Backcountry Utah Radio airs from 9 – 10 AM along the Wasatch Front on AM 630 KTKK. Shorter segments of the show air during drive time in Price, Heber, and Moab, and are available for download as podcasts from Backcountry Utah’s website.

Author, journalist, and radio host Brian Brinkerhoff is the ultimate outdoors enthusiast and has been involved in outdoor journalism since high school. He authored Best Easy Day Hikes: Salt Lake City and has written for multiple local newspapers, including the Deseret News. Brian has been broadcasting the radio show for over sixteen years, and it has become one of the longest running and respected outdoor radio programs in the state. The show features a variety of guests with a focus on family-friendly outdoor activities and destinations throughout the West.

Tune in to the show and check out Brian’s website at


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