Afternoon at Grantsville Reservoir yeilds more than fish

14 Apr

“Regular readers of this column are familiar with my failed attempts to master the art of fishing. For an outdoors writer, the only thing more terrifying than returning from a fishing trip empty-handed is the prospect of sitting down to write a newspaper article about it. Last November, I treated readers to a 1,000 word essay about getting skunked at Horseshoe Springs. Earlier this year, I struggled to muster up a face-saving way to recount a fruitless ice-fishing venture. Whether it’s bad technique, bad luck, or a combination of both, I have become somewhat hesitant to write articles about fishing.”

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One response to “Afternoon at Grantsville Reservoir yeilds more than fish

  1. Jason A. Hendricks

    April 15, 2008 at 4:36 am

    Hey Clint,

    Excellent piece. I grew up on the lakes and will always cherish the momments of myself with my brother, father, and grandfather..hunkered down on a bank and casting for catfish. As I got older, the ‘catfishing’ was a bit to slow for me–I now fish for Bass. With fishing, knowledge pays off, and most of the old-school fisherman do know what they are talking about. Liked the piece. I need to take some writing lessons off you.

    The Adventurist


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