Campfire stories: An art form that survives in the TV age of SpongeBob

23 Mar

“No matter your cable or satellite package, there’s at least one channel almost exclusively devoted to his screwball undersea exploits. While television probably plays a less-than-average role in our household, I must admit that the SpongeBob Revolution has officially taken the Thomsen family by storm. And as obnoxious as the show is, I must admit that I find it hysterically addicting.
“The simply-drawn 2D characters and their perky ocean world have a way of sucking you in, instantly hypnotizing you. For the adult, it starts with the casual walk past the TV, then a quick sit-down to catch a punch line. Four hours and 37 episodes later, you’re peeling yourself off the couch, wondering where the time went.”Luckily, we had recently purchased a portable fire ring and we decided to fill our evening with an equally mesmerizing, but exponentially more satisfying activity.”

Click over to the Transcript Bulletin to read the full article.

*SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.


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