Lone Rock climb rewards with views of the past

18 Feb

“Friends and relatives affectionately poke fun at my near pious affinity for Skull Valley. Whether its name derives from scattered buffalo skulls or the discovery of numerous Indian skulls in the valley — the historical debate remains unsettled — Skull Valley has always been my happy place.”Perhaps it’s the mysterious mountains and the miles of empty space between them, or the colorful histories of the pioneers, outlaws, and Indians who wandered its paths so long ago. Even before I met my wife in Skull Valley, I spent my teenage years tracing forgotten roads and playing tackle football on the mud flats.”

Whatever the adventure, it’s hard to drive south on Skull Valley Road and not stop to admire the valley’s defining landmark, an aptly named mountain pillar that rises to an elevation of 4,285 feet 3 miles south of I-80. The rock is easily climbed, but watch your step when you reach the top.

Click here to read the full article.


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