Winter camping can quickly become an exercise in survival

01 Jan

“I’ve never felt closer to death than I felt that night. My extremities were numb and the rest of my body stung like a second-degree burn. We talked as much as we could, trying to laugh about our predicament. After a while, Chan and Tyler were silent. The psychological trauma was almost worse than the cold itself. I didn’t want to fall asleep for fear my life would slip away, but the thought of laying awake and counting the seconds until morning was almost a more horrifying prospect. I slipped in and out, checking my watch sometimes several times per minute.”

This week’s article is a refined version of the story I submitted to Rock and Ice Magazine’s writing contest, adapted for newspaper format. If you’ve already read that one, don’t worry. This version is different enough to be interesting.

Go to the Tooele Transcript Bulletin’s website to read the full story.


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