Snorkling on outskirts of Grantsville makes for excellent wintertime sport

17 Dec

A 9-foot nurse shark surfaces near the bank of White Rocks Bay for a breakfast of whiting fish. (Photo by Clint Thomsen)

“I’ve always loved the ocean and everything associated with it. My sea gene became manifest one day as a young boy at SeaWorld, when I was selected from the audience to meet Shamu the killer whale. The moment I ran my hand over that slick orca skin I fell in love. I hugged the whale and fed him some squid and the sea has coursed through my veins ever since.But ocean addiction is rough for a landlocked desert rat — especially when the nearest coast is two states and hundreds of gas dollars away. And Discovery Channel specials and repeated viewings of “Finding Nemo” just don’t cut it. So I was stoked to jump into the salty waters at Seabase. Linda handed me a head of romaine lettuce to coax fish within visual range and I descended the ladder into the spring. The water was chilly at first, but the neoprene wetsuit warmed me back up quickly. With lettuce in hand, I swam toward the center of the pool to make some tropical friends.”

Click here to read the rest of the article. Much thanks to Linda Nelson for a great day out at Seabase!

Bonneville Seabase


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