Early morning drive proves Great Salt Lake is more than a big, dead pool

06 Dec

Looking north toward Antelope Island
(photo by Clint Thomsen)

“The huge spiders that spin their menacing webs in these rocks had abandoned them for the winter, and the top of Black Rock in the distance was still lightly dusted with last Saturday’s first snow. This I wouldn’t have traded for 10 more minutes of sleep.

It seems strange — an enormous saltwater lake in the middle of the desert. Famed Western writer Wallace Stegner called it “a desert of water in a desert of salt and mud and rock.” But the apparent anomaly of the lake is more psychological than physical. The existence and disappearance of ancient Lake Bonneville literally shaped the topography of western Utah. Its signature is prolifically etched throughout the eastern Great Basin. Where else can one look up at a landlocked mountain and see rock formations carved by great waves?”

Ancient Lake Bonneville was the chief shaper of western Utah’s topography and is the inspiration for my nickname (Bonneville Mariner) and this website.

Check out the full article over at the Transcript Bulletin. If it makes for good reading, drop by and tell my editor what you think!


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