Strange Food Concoctions Always Taste Better When Roughin’ It

29 Nov

Me, Tyler, and Chan enjoying a late-night snow cave meal
(photo by Chandler Blake)

“Entering the backcountry is like crossing into an alien world. The synapses seem to fire differently and the subconscious mind regresses to the primitive instincts it’s been craving, revealing new perspectives on life…and food.

Certainly I’m not the only one who sees the irony in our approach to food when we’re roughing it as opposed to our home kitchen. If you’ve done much camping, you know what I’m talking about. Raw nature has a magic ability to transform powdered drink packets into fine beverages and MRE’s into feasts fit for kings. What is it that makes Malt-O-Meal and Cup-O-Soup so amazingly delicious in the mountains? What is it about the open air that turns a culinary novice into an Iron Chef?”

Head over to the Transcript Bulletin’s website to read the full article.


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